Day By Day

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Day By Day A song about finding that special person…and wishing you’d met them sooner… There’s nothing quite like realising that you’ve met that one special person, your soulmate, someone you know you’ll want to be with forever. But somethings in this world, even this, can be bitter sweet. If that relationship happens to come […]

Lonely Now

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Lonely Now A song about having changed for the better… It feels good to look back on your life and realise that you’re a better person now than you used to be. Sometimes there’s a pivotal moment, maybe someone offers you advice that really hits home and changes the way you look at things forever. […]


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Falling A song about hope… We all have our ups and downs and life sure can seem a struggle at times. ‘Falling’ is about knowing that you’re down but not out, realising that you’re not at your best and worrying that, if you’re not careful, the person that you’re with might just give up on […]

Everything’s Not Fine

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Everything’s Not Fine A song about feeling the need for change… It’s so easy to get yourself stuck in a rut and even easier to stay there, lately I’ve realised that change is a scary thing and over the years I’ve always tried to avoid it. I’ve definitely been scared of failure and, oddly, even […]

What’s Life All About?

Matthew Falls Before and After

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What’s life all about? It’s a question that I’ve asked more often as I’ve gotten older. A huge part of MY life is music, it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do and though I finally got where I wanted to be, believe me, I went the long way around. Things didn’t start off too well, […]