Day By Day

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Day By Day

A song about finding that special person…and wishing you’d met them sooner…

There’s nothing quite like realising that you’ve met that one special person, your soulmate, someone you know you’ll want to be with forever. But somethings in this world, even this, can be bitter sweet. If that relationship happens to come along a little later in life there may be just a little regret, if only you’d met them sooner, where the hell have they been all your life?
You have to let this go, just be glad that you met them at all and make the very most of the time you have together Day By Day…

Thank you for listening 🙂


  • Deborah Cruz says:

    So I tryed to listen to your music and your voice sounds great and the instrument sounds beautiful. Its just that I have my sons daughter 1 1/2 who is so busy and always wanting Elmo. My son my 13 yr old daughter sons gf always a busy household so I couldn’t really focus on your music. I will thou cause music heals my soul. Its always been that way since I was a child and believe me I needed it. Now we all been dealing with baby being abused fighting for custody staying strong not having a lawyer dealing with medical issues… But I have to have my music and of course God in my life to get thru. I will get to your songs. Now I’m off busy again.

    • Matthew Falls says:

      Wow Deborah, seems like you have a lot going on right now. I’m glad you like the music and I wish you all the best for the new year, hope everything works out for you 🙂

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